Snow in September

It is 7.55am, our plane is due to take off in 15 minutes but we are going nowhere. It started to snow about 40 minutes ago and already there is a blanket of white across the ground. The entire sky is a grey white colour and all flights into the airport have been delayed, which means that all flights out have been too.


Snowed in at Songpan

Some of the group have never seen snow before and are excited, how long this will last as we wait for conditions to improve will be interesting to see. The stone buddha looks to be a long way off. Thank the lord most of us are carrying sleeping bags as carry on as we may well need them.

I have flown dozens and dozens of times but the idea of taking off from Songpan airport in this sort of weather fills me with dread.

The airport floor is looking quite comfortable….


Four hours late but we are in Chengdu and on the way to the Buddha. The weather cleared enough for planes to land and whilst it was a mildly hairy take off, we made it!!

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